In lockdown

I’ve been a geek for as long as I remember. My Mom and Dad supported me since way back. When I was a kid, my Mom bought me countless toys and X-Men comics. My Dad bought me my first game console, a Coleco Gemini, and my Lego sets.

Coleco Gemini

Happily, my wife is the same. She even carried a newly-bought PS3 while she commuted home. She bought and surprised me with several Batman toys.

Sadly, for work-reasons, we had to leave Manila and move to Auckland. I had to say goodbye to my collection — toys still in boxes, unread graphic novels and figures yet to be displayed.

My favorite stores

In Auckland, I discovered The Warehouse, and this fed my geeky needs. Happily, I’ve been collecting HotWheels cars, Lego sets, Transformers toys and Marvel Legends/Star Wars Black Series figures. Later, I’ve discovered the online toy stores, Mighty Ape and Toyco. My collection grew: Funko Pops, Cosbabies, etc.

So why blog now? I’ve started blogging about my geeky habits for several times now, to no success. I wasn’t able to sustain them. Life intervened.

Now, while NZ is in lockdown, I have more time than ever. So I decided to give blogging one more chance. It helps me pass the time and I find talking about my passion enjoyable.

That’s it for now. See you in the next post.

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