Missing the cinema

One of the things I miss since the lockdown started is going to the cinema. I’m a big cinephile and I make it a point to watch every big release on the big screen. Since I was a kid, going to the cinema is something I take seriously. When I like the movie, I’m totally glued to the screen. No bathroom breaks and popcorn munching for me. I try to catch each and every dialog for each and every scene. I can only relax after the movie. That’s how serious of a movie watcher I am.

For me, nothing can replicate the experience of watching a big summer blockbuster on the big screen no matter how good one’s home theater setup is. Sharing in the collective oohs and aahs and bursts of laughter and cheers with fellow moviegoers is worth the price of admission alone.

Who else misses the movie theater experience?


  1. I’ve been missing it big time!! I try to compensate it by watching movies with my family in the dark with lots of snacks, but the experience just isn’t the same hehe ☺️

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  2. I’ve considered myself a cinephile since the end of last year when I started subscribing to my local arthouse cinema monthly card! I used to go to the cinema at least twice a week. Besides being a great communal experience, the careful curation of the way films are presented is something I miss desperately. Watching films in the right screen ratio, with controlled volume, brightness that makes sure the colors are just right, etc. It also doesn’t help that my home wifi likes to act up and messes up the quality midway, or straight up pauses the film, taking me out of the experience completely 😦 I hope both of us can return to watching films in the cinema soon.

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    1. Yes, and hopefully soon. I feel you. Nothing can really replicate watching movies on the big screen no matter how we tried. And as you’ve mentioned, the buffering of the wi-fi really doesn’t help.

      Aside from wishing to be watching movies again, I’m also really hoping that the movie theaters and the movie industry will survive this pandemic. Streaming at home can’t and won’t be equal to watching movies on the big screen, the way they are meant to be.

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      1. I hope so as well, once I can go out again I will definitely support all my local cinemas the best I can. I think it will survive though. Under quarantine, humans are longing community (and just generally going outside haha) more than ever before, I think going to the cinema will increase in popularity when people realize how lonely and repetitive online streaming can be.


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