Lockdown should help us to be more appreciative

How true the old adage that goes, “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone.” This hits hard more so now since we’re in a lockdown. All that we have taken for granted before, we miss so much today. As simple as going out and enjoying the day with friends, we can’t do now. Going to McDonald’s to order a quarter pounder, we can’t do now. Watching movies on the big screen, we can’t do now.

Photo by Marcus Wöckel on Pexels.com

Once the lockdown finishes, and hopefully soon, we should have developed a more appreciative attitude to what we have and to what we can do. We should never take things for granted again. We should say “thank you” to our friends and “I love you” to our loved ones. Never delay. Since we never know if or when something will happen again that is as bad as this pandemic.

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