Back in Dune

Several years ago I’ve started reading Dune when I was still in Manila. I’ve been reading regularly on my MRT trips and I got far. Sadly, I was distracted by other books so I wasn’t able to finish it.


Fast forward to today. I’ve started reading Dune again last year and so far I’m 33% complete. I’m such a slow reader. During my commutes, I’m either reading Dune on my Kindle app or listening in Audible. My daily commutes, before the lockdown, was much shorter than my MRT commutes in Manila. It took me 1.5 hours to commute to and from work in Manila. Here in Auckland, it’s just less than half an hour one way. The only advantage of my lengthy commutes then, I was able to read more books. But I don’t miss those long commutes.

Okay back to Dune. Since the movie is supposed to come out by December (unless it got delayed because of COVID-19), I plan to finish reading the book before then.

Last night, while relaxing, I played the Dune audiobook in Audible and I got to the part where the traitor finally made his move against the Duke. Sadly, the reading, which is more of a dramatisation with different voices for some of the characters, is distracting. The emotions are not there. It ruined the pivotal moment. I’ll just continue without the audiobook for now.

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