Another Console War 2021

PS5 or Xbox Series X? Personally, I don’t care. I’m not an early adopter so I would not be rushing out come holiday season to buy these new consoles. I still have a ton of backlog on my PS4 and Xbox One, not to mention countless more on my PS3 and Xbox 360. Plus, loads more on my PC (Thanks Steam sales!).

I usually wait for the console prices to drop or for cuter versions of consoles to be released before I buy them. I am now a budget-conscious gamer. I no longer buy games on day one. I wait for their prices to go down before I buy them.

Unlike fanboys who will defend their systems of choice and bash the opposition, I like both brands. I love games made for both Sony and Microsoft’s consoles. Although, sentimentally, Sony has an advantage for me since I bought their first ever PlayStation and has been buying subsequent consoles ever since. Sadly, I never got to play or own the first Xbox.

For others, it will be a console war, but for me it’s just more gaming choices on more powerful systems and that’s a win.

How about you? Will it be a PS5? Will it be an Xbox Series X? Or are you not an early adopter, like me? Please share in the comments.

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