Michael Keaton is Batman again!

Who would have thought! This is the best news I’ve read for a long time! Michael Keaton… as Batman again… in The Flashpoint movie with Ezra Miller. I kinda liked Ezra Miller as The Flash in the Justice League movie. I’ve counted three good news here. First, The Flashpoint movie is still alive. Second, Ezra Miller is still The Flash. Third and most important of all, Michael Keaton is Batman again!

I was in High School when Batman ’89 was released. Batmania was in full effect during that time. The Bat logo is everywhere. All types of Batman merchandise were available. Even before then I was a huge Batman fan. I’ve seen and loved the campy Batman ’66 TV series. I loved the comics with Norm Breyfogle’s art. When news of a darker version of Batman was announced I was ecstatic.

I was waiting impatiently for Michael Keaton’s Batman to be released. When it finally hits theaters I was astounded. I watched it several times on the big screen. I bought the soundtrack by Prince. I bought the musical score by Danny Elfman. I bought the official comicbook adaptation by Jerry Ordway and Denny O’ Neil. I bought the Family Computer game. I even Batman shirts and posters. I bought the VHS, the DVD and eventually the Blu-ray releases of the movie.

So imagine my joy when I found out, not only is Batman returning but Michael Keaton as well. Now, cue Danny Elfman’s Batman theme!


  1. Keaton’s Batman is still my favourite. I really like the Tim Burton movies, they really captured the dark Gothic tone of Batman and the grimy world of Gotham so well. Very excited to hear Keaton will be reprising his role in the Flashpoint movie. That is so cool and easily the best new so far in 2020! 🙂

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    1. Yes, definitely the best news this year so far. I agree! I was in awe of Anton Furst’s design of Gotham for Keaton’s Batman. It was surreal. Nothing came close. Plus, Danny Elfman’s music really fits the dark look and mood of Keaton’s Batman. Just perfect!

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