Auckland Lockdown Part Two

Since the 12th of August, Auckland is back at Alert 3 and back in lockdown. Sadly, there are now community transmissions and everyone is concerned again about COVID-19. Good thing we were able to take advantage of the previous weeks and we were able to go eat at our favorite restaurants and were able to even go to Christchurch to attend a wedding. All of that are gone again. Due to the negligence of a few, many are affected again.

But enough of the negativity. One positive thing that came out of the lockdown is I’m able to blog again. And not only that. For the past days, I’ve been spending time on two of my favorite hobbies: toy collection and photography. Well, mostly I’ve been collecting but not enough picture-taking of my collection. I’ve aimed to change that and so far I’ve succeeded.

After receiving my Voltes V Mini, which me and my friends ordered from the Philippines, I was able to get into the groove of taking pictures of my toy collection. Not only that, I’ve resuscitated my Flickr account and paid for the Pro version and so far I’ve been happy with it. I’ve been in an uploading spree ever since. The Flickr Web experience is still really incomparable! Here’s my account if you want to follow me:

Back to Flickr Pro

As you’ve probably noticed in this post, I’ve missed Voltes V. I can’t afford the upcoming DX version but I’m happy with my Mini Action.

Here’s an embedded album of my Voltes V pictures in Flickr. Please click the left or right arrow buttons to go through the pictures.

So lockdown aside, I’m still happy since I’ve been productive in taking pictures of my toy collection and uploading them in Flickr. Plus, I’m blogging again. So not too bad. I’m just hoping this new lockdown won’t get extended. Let’s see.

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