Hot Wheels are cool!

I am a big Hot Wheels fan. When I was a kid I loved Matchbox cars. I even got a boxful of Matchbox as a gift from my parents. Thanks Mom & Dad! As I grow older, I begin to appreciate Hot Wheels a lot more. I started collecting the muscle cars first and then I discovered the Blings and Tooned lines, which I truly love. Another thing I like about Hot Wheels is how inexpensive they are. When I really like a model, I sometimes even buy two of the same.

Sadly, when we last went back home to the Philippines, my favorite Hot Wheels store, Uncle Sam’s at 168 Mall, was already closing and they would surely be closed by now. I was able to buy many of my Blings collection from that store. I will surely miss them 😥

Here in NZ, my favorite place to buy Hot Wheels is The Warehouse. I usually wait for their sale and I was also able to buy much of my collection from them. Every now and then, Countdown would have a Hot Wheels sale and I would also buy from them. I love the smaller HW cards from Countdown.

Due to the second lockdown here in Auckland, I have some extra time on my hands and I devoted it to photographing my humble collection. Here are some of the Hot Wheels that I took pictures of.

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