Holiday Dilemma

As we approach the end of the working days and before the start of our annual leaves/holidays, I can’t help but think of all the things that I would want to do during this time. But as my leave actually started last Monday, all I could think of was just sleep, rest and Netflix. That’s … More

Hot Wheels are cool!

I am a big Hot Wheels fan. When I was a kid I loved Matchbox cars. I even got a boxful of Matchbox as a gift from my parents. Thanks Mom & Dad! As I grow older, I begin to appreciate Hot Wheels a lot more. I started collecting the muscle cars first and then … More

Auckland Lockdown Part Two

Since the 12th of August, Auckland is back at Alert 3 and back in lockdown. Sadly, there are now community transmissions and everyone is concerned again about COVID-19. Good thing we were able to take advantage of the previous weeks and we were able to go eat at our favorite restaurants and were able to … More

Michael Keaton is Batman again!

Who would have thought! This is the best news I’ve read for a long time! Michael Keaton… as Batman again… in The Flashpoint movie with Ezra Miller. I kinda liked Ezra Miller as The Flash in the Justice League movie. I’ve counted three good news here. First, The Flashpoint movie is still alive. Second, Ezra … More

Another Console War 2021

PS5 or Xbox Series X? Personally, I don’t care. I’m not an early adopter so I would not be rushing out come holiday season to buy these new consoles. I still have a ton of backlog on my PS4 and Xbox One, not to mention countless more on my PS3 and Xbox 360. Plus, loads … More

2020 Nikon Auckland Photo Day – People’s Choice Finalist

Sadly, due to my workload I was unable to post much on my blog for the past weeks. Happily, though, I am glad to share that my entry to the 2020 Nikon Auckland Photo Day has been selected as one of the finalists for the People’s Choice winner. Can you please support me and vote … More

Release of The Snyder Cut

Finally, after months of speculation and a passionate global movement among dedicated fans, The Snyder Cut of Justice League will finally be released. Although not a strong supporter, I am still happy and curious on how this cut will deliver. I may be one of the few to have enjoyed Joss Whedon’s version. So I … More

Unreal 5 Tech Demo

Wow! That’s all I can say after I’ve watched the demo. Another truly wonderful achievement by Epic Games. Very, very impressive. Now, I’m more than excited to play PS5. Although I would wait for it to get cheaper before I buy it. I still have lots of games to play on my PS4, Xbox One … More

Star Wars Day Episode II

2002 was the year. The movie — Episode II Attack of the Clones. And things are all good again in the galaxy. I enjoyed Episode II! With exciting space battles, a plot that was going along fine and best of all, less of that annoying Gungan. Just one thing that perplexed me, though. How did … More

Star Wars Day Episode I

Love and hate. That sums up my relationship with Star Wars. I have loved the original trilogy since I was a kid. It was 1980 and I remember me and my Dad watching Empire Strikes Back on the big screen. I was amazed. I was enthralled. I didn’t take any bathroom breaks. I was equally … More


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