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Holiday Dilemma

As we approach the end of the working days and before the start of our annual leaves/holidays, I can’t help but think of all the things that I would want to do during this time. But as my leave actually started last Monday, all I could think of was just sleep, rest and Netflix. That’s … More

Hot Wheels are cool!

I am a big Hot Wheels fan. When I was a kid I loved Matchbox cars. I even got a boxful of Matchbox as a gift from my parents. Thanks Mom & Dad! As I grow older, I begin to appreciate Hot Wheels a lot more. I started collecting the muscle cars first and then … More

Auckland Lockdown Part Two

Since the 12th of August, Auckland is back at Alert 3 and back in lockdown. Sadly, there are now community transmissions and everyone is concerned again about COVID-19. Good thing we were able to take advantage of the previous weeks and we were able to go eat at our favorite restaurants and were able to … More