Hot Wheels are cool!

I am a big Hot Wheels fan. When I was a kid I loved Matchbox cars. I even got a boxful of Matchbox as a gift from my parents. Thanks Mom & Dad! As I grow older, I begin to appreciate Hot Wheels a lot more. I started collecting the muscle cars first and then I discovered the Blings and Tooned lines, which I truly love. Another thing I like about Hot Wheels is how inexpensive they are. When I really like a model, I sometimes even buy two of the same.

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Auckland Lockdown Part Two

Since the 12th of August, Auckland is back at Alert 3 and back in lockdown. Sadly, there are now community transmissions and everyone is concerned again about COVID-19. Good thing we were able to take advantage of the previous weeks and we were able to go eat at our favorite restaurants and were able to even go to Christchurch to attend a wedding. All of that are gone again. Due to the negligence of a few, many are affected again.

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Wall-E Earth Day Funko Pop!

Ever since watching Wall-E, he has become one of my favorite Disney Pixar characters. Even without much dialog, I really enjoyed this precautionary tale. I can see it coming true nowadays with more and more people being glued to their devices all day. But at its core, it’s a love story between two androids, Wall-E and the aptly-named EVE.

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